• Content Management (1 Month plan, Up to 10 hrs)

    Business: 4Slash

    Professional Hubspot Certified Social Media and Digital Marketing Expert with over 10+ years of experience in effective social media management.

    Featured in Google News, Digital Journal, NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC. Social Media Contributor on Medium.com 

    Using Hootsuite, Buffer, Canva, Photoshop and other content creation tools we are able to create and distribute highly engaging content that is relevant to your brand. We will help you establish a SOLID online media presence for your business.

    We specialize in creating engaging content and strategies for local businesses to boost their page engagement and to grow their Facebook pages and Instagram profiles through advertising.

    For content distribution on your social media platforms, We rely on Hootsuite and Buffer, which are industry leading content automation tools. Once we have created the content we will use these platforms to post your content on a daily basis, at times that are best suited for customer engagement and interaction.

    We will ensure your brand remains consistent and relevant in the minds of your customers.

     57,360 59,750
  • SEO – Content Marketing

    Business: 4Slash

    Set up (search engine configuration)

    MANUAL audit covering over 150 points of optimization (security, speed, site architecture, domain overview, indexed pages, robots, sitemaps and more)

    Keyword research and page optimizations (title keyword and tag, meta description)

    2 recorded video screen share explaining everything we have done to improve your ranking

    Custom strategy for next steps

    50 Additional keywords*

    1 Call*

    Business: 4Slash

    SEO – Content Marketing


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