• Contract Staffing

    Business: Vurke Inc

    Global Solutions Provider for all your Contract Staffing, Contingent Workforce (CWF) & Employer of Record (EOR) needs.

    Vurke provides global Contract Staffing, CWF & EOR solutions to end user clients and service providers alike. With over 20 years in the business, Vurke is well placed to meet all your needs.

    Our solutions are technology driven, with ‘on the ground’ operations managed ourselves. We offer wholesale prices, so that companies and service providers are not burdened with additional costs. We make it easy for you to hire staff globally, so that the world is your playground.

    Vurke onboards CWF/EOR personnel in minutes and sets up their bank accounts, direct deposits, taxes, tax contributions, payment schedules, in realtime. And it doesn’t stop there, we offer all support services as well, including settling expenses, arranging visas, work permits, accommodation, transportation, communication and equipment for people to become functional as soon as possible.

    Vurke also manages and pays all taxes, medical, dental, vision, commute reimbursement, flex spending accounts, paid time off, paid sick leave and other cultural or location-specific benefits.

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