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What is Dylever?

It is an online platform where you can sell your products and services directly to businesses of all sizes and include MNCs, SMEs, Government and Nonprofits. The platform provides many advantages and add on services to make the buying and selling process for corporates and vendors as simple as possible.

How do I start selling on Dylever?

If you already have an Dylever account, just sign in and check your eligibility. If you don’t already have an account on Dylever, create/register your business for free. Once your account is activated, you’ll receive the benefits of being a seller.

What is business pricing?

Business pricing means offers that are lower than your retail prices that are intended to incentivize buyers to purchase in bulk. When you set a business price, these special offers are available to registered Dylever business buyer.

Are the buyers small or large organizations, will they be buying in small or bulk quantities?

Dylever is for businesses of all sizes. We have large publicly listed companies as well as SMEs on our platform as both buyers and sellers. The buying volume is not limited to only bulk items and buyers have option to make single purchases as well.

What are the payment terms?

The buyer selects the payments terms based on their company policy. The seller can negotiate in case of bulk orders.

Who will handle payments?

Dylever will handle the payments between buyer and seller.

What is guarantee for payment? If credit then who will the seller contact for follow up on payments?

The seller can contact Dylever for follow up on payments.

How will delivery take place?

The seller can arrange for his own delivery or use Dylever’s own delivery service.

What is a commission Structure?

Dylever charges a platform fee from the seller, for each successful sale through its platform. The platform fees range from 5%-12%.


Who buys from Dylever business?

Dylever Business customers range from sole proprietors to large enterprises.

What are the features and benefits?

Dylever allows you to reduce costs, save time, achieve greater visibility and control, and more easily reconcile transactions. With Dylever, you have access to: • Competitive pricing and flexible payment options • A familiar and easy-to-use marketplace offering with access to vendor directory from all the industries in Pakistan • Multi-user accounts with approval workflows, and detailed analytics

What kind of products are available on Dylever?

Dylever is a store for all your business purchases, whether you’re buying office supplies, contractor-grade power tools, or technology. With access to number of vendors on the platform, you’ll find everyday low business pricing on thousands of products and services.

Does Dylever offer discounts?

In addition to competitive pricing offered just for businesses on products across Dylever, quantity discounts are available on select purchases. Save more when you buy more.

What is the cost of registration?

It is free to register for a Dylever account. There’s no long-term commitment, and no minimum spend.

Can I add additional buyers from my company to the account?

Dylever allows you to set up one central account with multiple buyers/purchasers, providing you with control and visibility over team spend. You can easily add purchasers from your company through your settings. Add buyers by entering their details.

What are the payment options?

You can purchase via Cash on Delivery, Credit Card, Purchase Order, cheque on delivery, etc.

Can administration track and control what others are purchasing on the account? What kind of restrictions can be set on what buyers on the account can purchase?

With Dylever, you can: • Create multi-user purchasing groups to match your organization structure and share payment methods. • Customize approval workflows, set spending limits, and manage your organization’s buying. • Track and monitor spending by your organization with dynamic charts and data tables. • Guide company spending and implement policies with guided Buying. Set preferred and restricted suppliers and products for your team.

Can I integrate Dylever into the company’s procurement system?

Yes, we’ll work with you to configure your system so you can get started.

How can I use Dylever for recurring purchases?

Buyers often need to buy the same items again and again. With reorder lists on Dylever, you can make these repeat purchases even more efficiently and easily. Simply add items to a Reorder List and, with one click, you can order (and re-reorder) the items you need or share your purchasing list with your colleagues.

What kind of data can I access on Dylever business purchases?

You can go to analytics to view data about your orders, and create and filter reports based on your business needs. You can quickly view monthly trends, customize and save reports and filter by different fields, including PO number, order status, and invoice status.

How can I get started?

Simply go to: and click “Create a free account.”
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