Buy From Dylever

Designed to bring a wide variety of products with best business prices, bulk discounts, transparency and ease in the procurement process for businesses of all sizes.

Lower Costs

Manage your spend by consolidating suppliers to a single, online store.

Make Smarter Decisions

Get strategic insights from built-in analytics, powered by machine learning and presented in detailed MIS reports.

Maintain Control

Enable organizational policies and preferences for greater controls and transparency.

Simplify Buying

Add users to a single account, with built-in budgeting and analytic tools.

Save Money

Get business discounts and flexible payment options.

Save Time

Compare relevant items from multiple suppliers for all your business needs.

Business-only Price Savings

  • Business-only bulk prices on items
  • Quantity discounts
  • Easy price comparison

Multi-user Accounts

  • Approval workflows
  • Purchasing analytics
  • Create custom groups to match your organization
  • Advanced analytics dashboards

Pay the way you want

  • Get 30 to 45 day payment terms (need to qualify)
  • Tax-exempt purchasing for qualifying organizations

Find what you need

  • Hundreds of products on Dylever
  • Business-only products
  • Purchasing-system integration

Drive compliance with e-Invoice reconciliation

Direct purchases from Dylever Business through your purchasing system to help comply with your organization’s buying policies and to manage end-to-end reconciliation electronically using e-Invoice. This increases transparency, helps reduce compliance risk with internal purchasing policies, and allows you to have control over purchasing.

Increase visibility into your spending

Gain insights into your Dylever Business spend within your purchasing system. Empower your organization to make budgeting decisions and find opportunities to save costs.

Save time on reconciliation

Reduce time spent reconciling purchases by automating reconciliation processes using line-item detail on every Dylever Business purchase made.

Improve visibility into spend

Identify purchasing trends by tracking purchases made by individuals and groups within your organization.

Optimize spend

Use pre-built reports or build custom reports to identify opportunities for optimizing spend such as supplier consolidation, bulk purchasing, and tax-exemptions.

Easy reconciliation

Compare the order and payment history with your records with the help of reconciliation reports.

Access to multiple reports

Choose from any one of the available reports: orders, shipments, returns, refunds, reconciliation, and related offers, to view and download the information you need.

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